Permissions on a Wallit wellspace

Every member of a wellspace has a role, each with its own level of permissions and access. Use the tables below to explore specific permissions for each role type.


Available by default

Only available if a Wellspace Owner changes the default setting

Only available to the Wellspace Primary Owner

Cash back and card-linked reimbursements

  Owner Admin Member
Join any wellspace
Receive a monthly allowance
Get automatically reimbursed

Cash back and card-linked offers

  Owner Admin Member
Browse featured online and in-store offers
Access third-party offers and deals, e.g. Groupon
Search for local offers by category and a map


  Owner Admin Member
Aggregate multiple checking and savings accounts 
Receive instant, real-time budgeting, aka SmartBalance™
Create automatic savings goals 

Wellspace management

  Owner Admin Member
Set default benefit categories
Set default benefit reimbursement amount
Invite members to a wellspace or Enterprise Org
Remove people from a wellspace or Enterprise org  
Add a funding method  
Delete a funding method  
View teammates in a wellspace
Invite new members*
Resend invites to new members*
Deactivate a member from a wellspace  
Promote to Wellspace Admin**  
Demote to Wellspace Admin**    
Promote to Wellspace Owner**    
Demote to Wellspace Owner**    

**Available for paid plans.
**The person won't be notified of the role change through Wallit.


  Owner Admin Member
View analytics and usage
Change an email address***  
Upgrade to a paid plan
Change your wellspace's plan    
Add a payment method    
View billing statements    
Export data  
Transfer primary ownership  
Delete wellspace  

***Available for paid plans.
†Only Wellspace Owners and the person who upgraded the wellspace can make changes.


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