Roles in Wallit

Same as in your company, every person has a role in their wellspace in Wallit, and each role has a different set of permissions. Wallit roles are divided into two groups: administrative and non-administrative. Keep reading to learn more.

Administrative roles

The people responsible for managing a Wallit wellspace or Enterprise subscription will be in administrative roles. These administrative roles include owners and admins.

  • People in an owner role might be founders and executives, members of senior leadership, department heads, or someone from the IT department who provisions licenses or handles account administration.
  • People in an admin role might be managers, senior administrative staff, project managers, or IT administrators.

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  • Wellspace Primary Owner
    Every wellspace has a single Primary Owner. By default, the Primary Owner is the person who created your Wellspace. Only this person can delete the wellspace or transfer primary ownership to someone else.
  • Wellspace Owners
    There can be multiple Wellspace Owners in a wellspace. Wellspace Owners have the same level of permissions as the Primary Owner, except they can’t delete or transfer ownership of a wellspace.
  • Wellspace Admins
    There can be multiple Wellspace Admins in a wellspace. They help manage members and can perform other administrative tasks, such as manage benefit categories and allowances.

Non-administrative roles

Non-administrative roles in Wallit include members and guests. People in these roles can access Wallit for improving their well-being and access key features of Wallit, but cannot adjust administrative settings unless they've been granted certain permissions by an owner or admin.

  • Full Members
    Full members have access to use features in a Wallit wellspace or organization, except for those that are limited to only owners and admins.
  • Invited Members
    Invited members have been invited to join a wellspace or an Enterprise solution, but haven’t yet accepted their invitation. Invited members may access other features, such as cash back, card-linked offers or automated budgeting. Invited members will receive email notifications any time they receive cash back on their linked debit card.
  • Members
    Every user in Wallit is a member and has access to our freemium features. Anyone can create a wellspace and invite their teammates.


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