What is a card-linked reimbursement?

In Wallit, cash back happens with card-linked purchases. Wallit automates card-linked offers and card-linked reimbursements.

You connect your checking account to link your debit card to Wallit and you automatically get cash back from your employer in the form of wellness reimbursements and from merchants for making purchases.

Card-linked reimbursement?

Simply, a card-linked reimbursement is a type of workplace wellness benefit that automatically reimburses qualifying purchases with a debit or credit card.

Wallit is different then most expense reimbursement programs as you bring your own card (BYOC) rather than signing up for a new card. This makes it much easier for many people to participate, and avoids having to order and keep track of yet another card.


Cash back notifications

Here are sample notifications you will receive when making a purchase with a registered debit card in one of your wellspace's wellness categories.


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