What is a card-linked offer?

In Wallit, cash back happens with card-linked purchases. Wallit automates card-linked offers and card-linked reimbursements.

You connect your checking account to link your debit card to Wallit and you automatically get cash back from your employer in the form of wellness reimbursements and from merchants for making purchases.

Card-linked offer?

Simply, a card-linked offer is a type of promotional marketing tool that offers an amount or percentage of cash back for completing a specific action.

Typically, the action required for paying cash back is making a purchase with a linked debit or credit card.

The cash back is funded by a brand or retailer to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, either online or in-store.


Cash back notifications

Here are sample notifications you will receive when making a purchase with a registered debit card with one of our participating brands or retailers.


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