Understand your actions in Wallit

In Wallit, cash back happens as card-linked reimbursements (CLRs) and card-linked offers (CLOs). You can get cash back on a debit card, discover offers from our brand and retail partners, automatically budget and save money, and aggregate all your banking accounts to your Wallit. Keep reading to learn more about how these features work.

Get cash back


What happens

Get cash back as a reimbursement from your employer

Use your linked debit card, and get your wellness benefits instantly validated and reimbursed.

Get cash back from our brand partner

Use your linked debit card, and get automatic cash back on your everyday purchases.

Track your cash back

Keep track of all the cash back you've received by year-to-date and lifetime.

Discover offers


What happens

Explore the Home page for featured offers

You'll receive personalized offers tailored specifically to you based on your wellspace categories, preferences, and location.

Search offers by category in a list or map view

Online and in-store offers near you are displayed on a map.

Budget and save money


What happens

Connect your account(s)

Aggregate all your balances and transaction history from your bank accounts.

View your SmartBalanceā„¢

Wallit automatically calculates the amount of money that is safe-to-spend by subtracting upcoming expenses from your current bank balance to help you budget in real-time and plan ahead.

Create a savings goal

Automatically save money to your goal. You'll have the option to crowdsource your goal and invite friends and family to contribute to the goal.


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