View your Wellspace

Who can use this feature?
  • Members can access their Wellspace settings.
  • Free, Plus, and Enterprise plans.

A Wallit wellspace is made up of categories and an allowance where team members can shop for products and services to improve their well-being together. Read on to learn how to see your company's wellness benefits and improve your work-life balance no matter where you are with Wallit.

The Wellspace Settings page is a one-stop-shop where Wellspace Owners and Admins can review and manage info about wellspaces they're managing.

About Wellspace settings

The Wellspace Settings page keeps details transparent, so that you'll know exactly what to expect as a member of any wellspace.

Here's an overview of the information available to you:

  • See the contact information for your Wellspace Primary Owner (also known as the Customer). 
  • Identify the Customer in your wellspace — this person is typically the one who's created it. You'll know this individual as the Wellspace Primary Owner.
  • View your wellspace's wellness benefit categories and allowance.
  • View your wellspace's team members

Access the Wellspace Settings page

Visit anytime to review your wellspace's benefits.


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