How Wallit Works

Wallit is a card-linked benefits platform for you and your team. Not only does it give your team access to everyone's favorite places, products and services, it turbo charges your existing debit card and completely eliminates the reimbursement process.

Here's how it works

  1. A manager, department lead, or HR manager signs up and sets a monthly spending allowance
    When a company signs up, the first step after naming their new wellspace is to set a monthly spending allowance for their team. This is the amount of money that an individual team member will be able to spend throughout the month (e.g., $50). The next step is to choose wellness categories for reimbursing the team's wellness purchases, e.g., fitness, family care, food & grocery, etc.

  2. All team members sign up for Wallit and link their existing debit card
    Once the account is set up and the Wellspace has been created, employees can immediately begin taking advantage of the program.

    There are several benefits that Wallit offers over existing programs:
    • • Fully Automated:
      Completely removes the need for a reimbursement process. Wallit pre-approves the categories and products and services where employee's card can be used and controls purchase reimbursements to the spending limit based on the program.

      • Self-directed Wellness:
      Wallit gives your diverse and remote team the freedom to choose the health and wellness options that are right for them, and eliminates the administrative burden for your company.

      • Bring your own card (BYOC):
      With Wallit, employees use their existing debit card from any financial institution in the United States. Our card-linked approach enables members to use their own card to automatically get their purchases validated and reimbursed. This not only offers a superior user experience for employees to increase adoption and engagement, it reduces operational costs and eliminates administration-related overhead for the organization.

      • Automatic Cash Back:
      When you spend with Wallit, that spend happens with your existing debit card and earns instant cash back from leading and local brands and retailers. Cha-ching!

      • Open Marketplace:
      Spending isn't limited to a catalog, like other programs. Teammates can spend on anything in the pre-approved categories - you and your teammates can use your own debit cards online or in the real-world (like magic!), including local cafes, independent fitness centers, farmer's markets, anything and anywhere.

  3. Team Admins and owners can track program success in real-time
    Once employees start using their cards, just sit back, relax, and watch your employees thrive! Admins will be able to monitor wellness activity and usage.


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