Understand the Primary Owner role

The Primary Owner is the highest administrative role in Wallit. You can become a Primary Owner by creating your own wellspace, or if a Primary Owner chooses to transfer ownership of a wellspace or Enterprise org to you. Keep reading to learn more about this role, and how to make sure the right person is in it.

Understand Wallit’s ownership policies

To understand the Primary Owner role, it’s helpful to get familiar with Wallit’s ownership policies. The Primary Owner has ultimate decision-making capabilities, and represents the Customer in administering the wellspace.

  • If you use your corporate email domain to create a wellspace or Enterprise org, your organization is the Customer.
  • If your wellspace is set up by someone not formally affiliated with an organization, the Customer is the person who created the wellspace.

Choose the right Primary Owner

The Wellspace Primary Owner holds the highest level of permissions in Wallit — only this person can delete the wellspace or transfer ownership to someone else. There can only be one person in this role at a time, so it’s important to make sure it’s the right one. Here are some recommendations:

  • An executive or senior-level manager
  • Someone from the HR department who manages benefits or handles account administration
  • If within the policy guidelines of your organization, use a shared service/administrative email account on your company's domain that is managed by authorized personnel

Transfer primary ownerships

Because organizations change over time, Wallit makes it possible to transfer ownership of a wellspace or Enterprise org to someone else. We recommend adding a step to your company’s off-boarding process to make sure a departing employee can transfer ownership before they leave.

If the Primary Owner leaves before transferring ownership, we may be able to help, but this is not something we can guarantee. We recommend using the best practices for Primary Owners below to help maintain your wellspace. 

Best practices for Primary Owners

As the Primary Owner of a wellspace or Enterprise org, use the following tips to help you administer Wallit.

Assign Owners, Admins, and billing contacts

  • Promote Owners and Admins to help with day-to-day administrative tasks, like managing invitations, categories, or benefits.
  • Add billing contacts, like people from the accounting department, to keep them informed of billing activity.


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