Make a qualifying purchase in-store

What is a qualifying in-store purchase?
  • Qualified in-store purchases include purchases of goods and services with your linked debit card at a physical location of a participating retailer.

Make a qualifying in-store purchase for cash back

In order to receive an automatic cash back on your Wallit purchases, simply use your linked debit card and purchase goods and services at a participating retailer.

Types of card-linked offers

Wallit gives you real cash back on purchase, online or in-store from national and local brands and retailers. There are two primary types of offers available to you in Wallit - some are cash back offers, some our discount and some are both!

You can recognize in-store card-linked offers by the icon:

Cash back offers have the flash icon.



Visit the Home and Offers sections in the Wallit app anytime to browse local online and offline offers personalized for you.


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